A New Era is Here: Truly Revolutionary Contact Center Software

There are a lot of competing contact center software companies out there. However, the game is drastically about to change.

The Next Generation of Contact Centers is Unlimited. It’s Usage-Based. It’s Global. And It’s Powered by Blockchain.

Separating from the norm of other cloud contact center software providers, Qubicles has zero licensing fees, zero hidden fees and is 100% usage-based.

Qubicles focuses largely on providing the most up-to-date innovations in communications technology to assist you to more efficiently run your call or contact center — without the steep costs of other current call center vendors and the challenges and pitfalls that come with running an internal IT infrastructure.

Qubicles is redefining & reimagining the contact center industry.

Sure, Qubicles, Five9, LiveOps and Talkdesk all have built-in telecom services and contact center software as a service (CCaaS). But then, the comparison definitely changes.

What sets Qubicles apart is that they are both constantly focused on the future and innovative. They are additionally changing the game with a unique offering of unrivaled blockchain-based contact center software.

Features that are only available through Qubicles include zero software licensing fees, 100% usage-based transactional billing, learning management and training, a decentralized talent recruiting network, blockchain-issued recognition rewards and a Telos-based cryptocurrency utility token. Qubicles additionally has a contact center management background and a free built-in CRM.

See the below how the competition stacks up.

We hope you join us for this journey as we usher in a new era for the contact center world, one that is powered by Qubicles and our patent-pending blockchain technology.

Visit www.qubicles.io to create your free account today.

We are a blockchain software company and the creators of decentralized tools and services for the contact center industry.