Blockchain Solution for Remote Working Contact Centers

Qubicles is leveraging a growing gig economy to revolutionize the contact center industry.”
– Marlon Williams

Working from home is a new normal for many in the United States. As COVID-19 continues to spread, it appears that this work-from-home situation may be a more permanent, accepted solution.

Lots of companies are understanding that WFH is reality of the future — whether during a pandemic or not. Companies such as Shopify, Nielson, and Coinbase have adopted permanent “remote-first” or blended remote solutions.

Recruiting and staffing is the largest challenge in contact centers, a challenge that is in ways compounded by the new WFH standards and needs.

As the gig economy trend continues to rise and work-from-home continues to be the new normal, this podcast covers how Qubicles is getting into the people side of things with contact center staffing.

Marlon Williams, the CEO and founder of Qubicles, joins Warren Whitlock in a Distributed Conversations podcast episode, “Blockchain Solution for Remote Working Contact Centers,” to discuss the future of contact centers with the use of blockchain technology, where clients can be matched directly with agents working remotely.

Referring to contact center cloud software, Qubicles is the “only one working on using blockchain for this and taking it to the future,” Warren Whitlock states in the episode. “Utilizing blockchain makes things easier,” says Marlon Williams.

Contact centers make up a $425 billion industry where hiring is the biggest expenditure.

Agents in contact centers on average spend 25% of their time idle, not interacting with customers. Qubicles, in a game changing move, is looking to create the ability for contact centers to lease that time and turn it into a profit center.

“We’re talking billions are sitting idle,” states Warren Whitlock.

Additionally, adding in a staffing function, becoming basically the Uber of contact center staffing, Qubicles will allow contact centers to choose agents to work for them to ramp up as needed. This will be done by offering a pool of candidates that contact centers can choose from to work part-time as needed.

“The projections for the end of this year, and this is the United States, roughly 40% of the labor force in the US will be doing some sort of gig-based work,” states Marlon Williams.

As the contact center industry is comprised of numerous verticals, pretty much any vertical that wants to provide a great customer experience, this gig-based, on-demand staffing will be revolutionary.

Want to know more? Click here to listen to the complete podcast.



We are a blockchain software company and the creators of decentralized tools and services for the contact center industry.

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We are a blockchain software company and the creators of decentralized tools and services for the contact center industry.