The Year Ahead: Innovative Solutions for Contact Centers

2021 is in full swing, and, for Qubicles, this is a year of non-stop momentum and revolutionary releases.

What does 2021 hold for Qubicles?

“In 2021, we are finally prepared to release our 3-year-long efforts into the world. My extensive rolodex in our industry has resulted in lots of demand from organizations looking to us for talent and to serve the core infrastructure for their operations.

COVID-19 has created an environment where working from home is and will continue to be a preferred working model for years to come. The current bull run in the cryptocurrency industry has placed the spotlight on blockchain technology once again. More and more Main Street consumers are seeking other sources of revenue, based on their own schedule, and are increasingly learning about Bitcoin and friends. Our traction in business development, intellectual property protection, business model validation (e.g. our recent 8-month long due diligence with the National Science Foundation), and major investments into our technology will all be manifested this year.

Ultimately, our goals of facilitating employment for at least 1 million of the world’s citizens over the next 3 years, and becoming the go-to gig economy solution for customer service, sales, and support begins to turn its wheels now,” stated Founder and CEO of Qubicles Marlon Williams in a recent article by Telos.

Qubicles is a true all-in-one contact center software provider with all the tech needed to run call centers — but with innovative, exciting and new-to-the-market releases layering on in 2021:

Jobs is an innovative staffing solution with no middle-men.

Talent helps contact centers easily find customer service, sales, or support reps with the readiness to take your operations to the next level — recruiting made simple!

Training is perfect for candidates looking to increase their value in the network, and for internal company training.

Qubicles Wallet is a new, forward-thinking feature that allows you to manage all your financial transactions in one singular place.

With all the technology needed to run call centers in addition to the new jobs, talent, training and wallet capabilities, Qubicles is truly in a class of its own.

Exciting innovations are happening at Qubicles this year. We invite you to join us on this revolutionary journey. Learn more at

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